The Best Time To Visit Tulum

Hi, guys! Are you thinking of going to Tulum to spend your vacation? Or do you want your honeymoon a special one and spend it in Tulum? If yes, then you have to be aware of the Best Time To Visit Tulum.

Tulum is an amazing place, well-known for its pleasant weather, beautiful beaches, popular restaurants, exotic food, bars, nightclubs, and happening nightlife.

Now, the fact is that you can experience different Tulum Weather by Month. All the weathers in Tulum offer you a different experience. However, when you visit Tulum, you must want to make the most of it.

I can suggest that 3 to 4 days are enough for visiting the popular sites in Tulum. Tulum has some wonderful places that can mesmerize you.

But, what is the best month to visit Tulum? When can you get pleasant weather along with great deals, festivals, and events in Tulum? This article, which will also work as a Tulum travel guide for visitors, covers all the important details regarding the best time to visit Tulum.

Let me take you to the discussion now. Read this guide and see when you can visit Tulum and have a great experience.

Let’s start.

Tulum Travel Seasons- Best Seasons In Tulum For The Travelers

The best time to visit Tulum is the months of December to April. In these months, you can have the sunniest days in Tulum. Visitors to Tulum love to experience the pleasant weather. That is why you can see the huge crowd in Tulum these days.

Well, there is an issue too. These days, hotel prices are at their peak as months like December, January, and February are the busiest months in Tulum travel seasons.

Now, you must be thinking of what to do in Tulum City if you visit it in the months like October or November. No worries! These months are the best time to visit Tulum seaweed. In these months, you can have a huge quantity of seaweed.

The beaches of Tulum are full of seaweed and their sulfurous scent of decay. Besides, these seaweeds make the seawater almost un-swimmable. Truly, October and November months are very special for the tourists of the beach, full of seaweeds.

I would love to let to know about the Tulum Weather by Month so that you can decide what months suit you the best for visiting Tulum city.

1. January In Tulum

Tulum weather in January is usually very gentle, tender, and dry. The sky is clear and rainfalls are few. As Tulum is situated beside a tropical jungle, the weather is often humid in this region. However, the weather in January is the least humid.

The nights in Tulum in January are chiller than the days. So, you can enjoy a bonfire with your family and friends with your favorite wine in your hand. January is the perfect month when you can explore the inner beauty of Tulum.

More Information:

  • Temperature: 62 – 82°F
  • Highlights: Cool weather, lively atmosphere, high season
  • Festivals: New Year’s Day, El Día de Los Reyes (Kings’ Day), Sound Tulum, Arena Festival Internacional

2. February In Tulum

The weather in Tulum in February is more like the weather in January. You can enjoy the dry weather, clear sky, and pleasant temperature. February nights are perfect for visiting a bar or a nightclub.

Besides, you can have a perfect warm temperature of the seawater. So, you can do any sea activities like swimming, relaxing on the beach and many more things.

More Information

  • Temperature: 63 – 85°F
  • Highlights: Clear days, warm weather, lots of tourists
  • Festivals: Carnaval

3. March In Tulum

March is one of the driest months in Tulum. Tulum weather in March can offer its visitors the warm sun, great weather, and calm beaches to enjoy. March is the spring season in season in Tulum.

Most of the important festivals in Tulum have been organized in March.

Now, the weather in March in Tulum begins to warmer again. Thus, it becomes perfect weather for enjoying the beaches. Enjoy relaxing on the beach or swimming in the warm seawater. The choice is yours.

More Information

  • Temperature: 63 – 87°F
  • Highlights: Great beach weather, Spring Break
  • Festivals: Alborada Maya, Spring Equinox at Chichen Itza, Food & Wine Festival

4. April in Tulum

When it comes to the Tulum weather in April, I can say that it is almost the end of the dry season. You can have less rainfall. The sky is almost clear and the sunshine rejoices your mood.

However, in Tulum, days are getting hotter in April. Also, you can experience a lesser number of tourists in April.

The hotel prices are cheaper this month. So, you can have an opportunity to crack a good deal regarding Tulum accommodations in April. Besides, April is one of the best months when you can visit Tulum with your family.

More Information

  • Temperature: 66 – 90°F
  • Highlights: Thinning tourist crowds, good weather
  • Festivals: Children’s Day

5. May In Tulum

May is generally considered the beginning of the rainy season in Tulum. But, most of the days in this month are dry and sunny.

Though people in Tulum consider it a rainy season, you can’t experience much rainfall if you visit Tulum in May. Instead, the Tulum weather in May is hot and humid.

In the regions near the ruins, the weather is more humid and you can get thirsty again and again. So, better bring an ample amount of water with you. In the days of Mays, you can chill out with cool beers at your favorite restaurant or bar.

More Information

  • Temperature: 69 – 92°F
  • Highlights: Less crowded, hot weather with short showers, nesting sea turtles
  • Festivals: Festival de Cultura del Caribe

6. June In Tulum

Tulum weather in June is considerably wetter than the weather in May. Also, if you talk about the Tulum rainy season truly, it is the month of June.

In months like June, you can experience heavy storms and rainfall. But, don’t just panic. These storms can’t let you sit in the hotel room as they do not stay more than one or two hours.

The rainfalls are also shorter. But, due to this reason, you can see a few visitors in Tulum city.

If you are lucky enough, you can experience the clear sky in June in Tulum. Well, June is the best month when you can experience a wonderful sea beach. Don’t miss it.

More Information

  • Temperature: 71 – 90°F
  • Highlights: Lowest hotel rates, one of the rainiest months, whale shark season
  • Festivals: La Fete de la Musique

7. July In Tulum

Tulum weather in July is quite the same as that of the weather in June. You will experience both warm sunny days and heavy rainfall at the same time in months like July.

However, due to this reason, the weather near the sea beaches is pleasant and you can feel the cool sea breeze while relaxing on the beach.

But, when you travel to the inner parts of Tulum, you will experience a huge amount of humidity. July is comparatively a low season for traveling.

So, if you visit Tulum in July, you can see a calm environment everywhere in this place. the hotel prices become cheaper also at this time.

More Information

  • Temperature: 70 – 90°F
  • Highlights: Low season, hot weather with short showers
  • Festivals: None

8. August In Tulum

Well, the Tulum weather in August is really hot. If you are planning to visit Tulum in August, better be prepared with enough summer clothes, hats, and cotton wear.

Most of the days in August are dry in Tulum. But, it does not mean that you will not experience heavy rainfall in August. This month is almost like July.

Sea temperatures get warmer. But, you can still feel the cold and relaxing breeze from the sea. Well, August is the perfect month to experience marine life. You can experience the amazing whale sharks, sea turtles, and other sea creatures at this time of the year.

More Information

  • Temperature: 69 – 90°F
  • Highlights: Hottest month, great time to see marine life
  • Festivals: ZoukMX

9. September In Tulum

September in Tulum is also known as the Tulum hurricane season. Tulum weather in September is the most humid weather in the year. There is heavy rainfall.

But they do not stay more than two to three hours. In a month like September, a storm hurricane hit this region. But like the rainfall, they too are shorter-lived.

After heavy rainfall, you can still experience a warmer day with a warm sun. The days in September in Tulum are usually hot. But the nights are cold.

Also, it is one of those months that are worth experiencing marine life. Thousands of sea turtles and whale sharks migrate to the beaches of Tulum for mating and nesting.

More Infomation

  • Temperature: 70 – 89°F
  • Highlights: One of the rainiest months, last chance to see whale sharks
  • Festivals: El Grito and Independence Day, Autumn Equinox at Chichen Itza

10. October In Tulum

October is another month when the storm hurricane hits the city again. The weather in Tulum in October is generally wet and you will experience huge rainfall, even several times in a day. October is the second month of the Tulum rainy season.

At this time of the year, the temperature of the Tulum region starts to fall, and the humidity decreases. As a result, the dry weather comes back. Perfect time to visit the ruins, hike in the jungles, or relax on the sea beach.

The October nights are not as cool as the nights in March or April. Thus, it makes the night visit your favorite nightclubs and enjoy with your near and dear ones.

More Infomation

  • Temperature: 69 – 87°F
  • Highlights: One of the rainiest months, end of sea turtle nesting season
  • Festivals: Turtle Festival, Halloween

11. November In Tulum

The number of tourists or visitors in Tulum starts to increase in November. Tulum weather in November is worth experiencing. Nights in November are cool and relaxing.

Humidity from temperature begins to decrease, thus making the weather pleasant. November is the season that begins the dry days.

The beginning days of November, in my opinion, is the best time to visit Tulum.

As the weather of November offers you awesome days, you can chill out on the sea beach, visit the inner parts of Tulum city, experience the Mayan ruins, or visit the restaurants, bars, and nightclubs with some exotic wines and traditional Mexican food. Several festivals are held at this time of the year.

More Infomation

  • Temperature: 66 – 84°F
  • Highlights: Less crowded beaches, good weather
  • Festivals: Day of the Dead, Tulum Food, Spirits, and Wine Festival, Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

12. December In Tulum

I have to admit that December is the best time to visit Tulum in the year. In a month like December, you can experience the clear sky, sunniest days, warm and pleasant weather, and the cool breeze from the sea.

There is hardly any rainfall and that makes the weather dry. At the end of the month, the days get hotter as the sun becomes warmer. However, the temperature of the ocean is great and perfect for swimming.

The weather in Tulum in December is so pleasant that you can feel the calm vibe in it. You can lie down on beaches in the morning and evening and enjoy the sunshine.

Otherwise, you can go exploring the Mayan history that lies in the ruins. Feel the adventure of the jungle and spend a good night at the restaurants and bars with your favorite food and beverage. It is totally up to you.

As I have mentioned earlier each season brings you a different experience in Tulum. All the seasons are quite perfect for visiting Tulum and experiencing the culture and traditions of Mexico.

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Tulum Festivals And Events- Festive Seasons For The Visitors

Events and Parties in Tulum That Are Hosted by Several Bars and Nightclubs. Excited about special Tulum festivals and events? Well, just like the different seasons, you can taste a variety of festivals and events in Tulum throughout the year.

Several recurring parties are happening mostly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These events are organized by popular nightclubs and bars.

Among these events, the Full moon parties, organized by the Papaya Pal Project every Saturday are worth naming. They organize their party events on cool sea beaches, where world-class DJs are invited too.

Heard about Casa Jaguar? Yes, it is that bar in Tulum that organizes exotic jungle parties on Thursday night.

There are also bars and nightclubs such as Gitano, Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar, La Zebra Restaurant, Pasito Tun Tun, and others that organize such exotic night parties. These events are also a reason why you should visit Tulum once in your lifetime.

Festivals In Tulum In Different Months

1. New Year’s Day

In Tulum, or more precisely in Mexico, New Year’s Day is considered the national holiday. Well, unlike the Asian countries, the first day of January tends to be calm and quiet as people in Tulum choose to rest on that particular day.

Therefore, most of the popular restaurants are shut down, businesses are closed. The transportation is also hard to get on that day.

2. Zamna Festival

This festival is organized at the end of December and runs through mid-January. It is a music festival in Tulum City.

In different parts of Tulum city, DJ sets are organized each night along with some other events. Tickets are also available according to the set.

3. King’s Day or El Dia de Los Reyes

People of Tulum consider the date January 6th as King’s Day or El Dia de Los Reyes, according to their language. It is one of the traditional festivals in Mexico.

People in Mexico exchange gifts at this festival. They make a special dish, called Rosca de Reyes. It is a sweet bread that is eaten by almost all the traditional families in the Mexican region.

The specialty of this dish is that a figure of baby Jesus is made in this bread and the person who will receive that particular slice, has to host the event El Dia de Candelaria. Quite amazing, right?

4. Carnaval

This festival is organized in February. People celebrate this festival throughout the week before starting Ash Wednesday. Huge parties are held throughout the night. It is one of the biggest festivals in the Mexican region.

5. Alborada Maya

Organized in March, this Alborada Maya festival is the fusion of cultures of Catholics and Maya. Festive events are hosted both at the churches of Tulum and the Mayan Ceremonial Centers. It is a festival of thanksgiving.

6. Wine and Food Festival

This festival is also known as Cancun Riviera Maya. The people of Mexico celebrate this festival for 5 days with wine and food. There are several events organized at this festival. They include taco competitions, family dinners, parties, playing golf, and many more.

7. ZoukMX

It is a unique festival with music and dance for ten days. The events are organized on the beaches and in the jungles.

Several dance forms like fast tempo, Caribbean dance, and dancing to Zouk are organized as a part of this festival.

8. The Halloween

One of the most interesting festivals in Tulum for the past few years. Small parties are hosted by many families on this occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the rainy season in Tulum?

Ans. If you visit Tulum between June to October, you will experience the rainy season in Tulum. Heavy rainfall occurs in months like August and September.

But that does not mean you can’t enjoy the beautiful view of that amazing city. You can opt for swimming in the sea, visit the Temazcal Ceremony and Floatation tank, take yoga classes, and go to a Cenote during rainfall.

Q2. How many days do you need in Tulum?

Ans. If you are planning to make a tour of Tulum city, 3 to 4 days will be enough for you. In 3 to 4 days, you can visit the well-known places in Tulum, such as ruins, eye-soothing sea beaches, popular restaurants, bars and nightclubs, and many more things.

You can still get enough time for relaxing after visiting all these in Tulum city.

Q3. What months are hurricane seasons in Tulum?

Ans. In Tulum, generally, the months like September and October are considered as the hurricane seasons. However, they are not all common in Tulum City.

But, in hurricane seasons, you can get the best deals on hotels and restaurants. The rates of hotels and restaurants become cheaper. So, you can have your opportunity in these months.

Q4. Why you shouldn’t go to Tulum?

Ans. Well, Tulum is a safe city, especially when you compare it to the other places in that region. Crimes like robberies and theft are few. But, in Tulum City, the biggest threat is drug-related crimes.

These crimes can be violent enough and they can harm you. So, if you are thinking of visiting Tulum alone, you should not go to some places at night. Know about them very well and avoid those places.

Q5. When should I go to Tulum?

Ans. If you are thinking of visiting Tulum, then I must say that you should visit this place between November and December.

Hotel prices are cheaper and reasonable at this time, the weather is pleasant too. Also, you can experience the hurricane-season cool breeze.


The fact is that Tulum is a beautiful place in all seasons. This amazing city offers you a great deal of joy. Also, Tulum is a place that is the source of unlimited fun and lifetime experience.

Tulum is convincingly popular as a tourist spot and it brings its visitors more and more new opportunities. Also, I hope, this article is helpful enough for you. So, don’t wait and pack your bags now. Visit Tulum and have a lifetime experience.

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