Top 15 Places Selling Best Tacos In Mexico City

A trip to Mexico isn’t complete without eating the Best Tacos In Mexico City. Mexico has been holding the reputation of being street food heaven for longer than you think and tacos are one of its most renowned and popular dishes.

If you’re craving some authentic Mexican tacos, here are the top fifteen places where you’ll get the best tacos in Mexico City.

Best 15 Tacos Places In Mexico

You’ll only find authentic Mexican tacos in Mexico City. Of all the places you’ve had tacos, you need to try the tacos in these fifteen places in Mexico City. No doubt you’ll be able to say that it’s the best tacos in Mexico City.

Los Panchos

The tacos served in this place are the definition of authentic. It’s famous for its tacos. The best tacos dish that brings tourists from around the world to this place is tacos de carnitas.

Address: es Calle Tolstoi 9, Miguel Hidalgo, Anzures, 11590 Ciudad de México, D.F., México.
Ratings: 4.4

El Pescadito

It’s a bright yellow taco place with no seating. You’ll have to line up here to place your order. The signature dish of this place is their marlin tacos.

Address: Calle Atlixco 38, Cuauhtémoc, Condesa, 06140 Ciudad de México, D.F., México.
Ratings: 4.2

Los Cocuyos

Although it’s situated on a quiet street right in the middle of town, you won’t ever find it unoccupied. The adventurous eaters need to try their lengua tacos, which are their best dish.

Address: 7ᵃ̵ Calle de Bolívar 54-56, Centro Histórico, Centro, 06000 Ciudad de México, D.F., México.
Ratings- 4.2

El Autentico Pato Manila

They’re known for serving the best duck tacos in Mexico. It’s an unassuming taqueria in the city that serves the most hard-to-find duck tacos dish in two different flavors.

Address: Culiacan 91, código 2, Hipódromo, Cuauhtémoc, 06100 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Ratings: 4.6

El Huequito

It’s another staple taco joint in Mexico City. It has been around since the 1960s, serving the best tacos in Mexico City. They serve small, flavorful tacos, you’ll never get anywhere else.

Address: Calle Bolívar 58, Cuauhtémoc, Centro, 06000 Ciudad de México, D.F., México.
Ratings- 3.6

El Parnita

It’s a small Mexican restaurant situated in Roma Barrio. Their menu is heavily based on tacos and tortillas. The grasshopper taco is the special dish of this place.

Address: Av. Yucatan 84, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Ratings: 4.5

Taquería Los Parados

It’s another place where you’ll get the best tacos in Mexico City. They offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections of tacos. Although you may have to wait for a long time in the queue, once you taste their shrimp tacos, it’s all worthwhile.

Address: Monterrey 333, Roma Sur, Cuauhtémoc, 06760 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Ratings: 4.3

El Borrego Viudo

It’s the perfect midnight snack place. You can head over to this place anytime in the day or at night, and they’ll serve you the most flavorful taco dishes presented thoughtfully. They have six taco items on their menu and the best of those is tacos de seso.

Address: Av. Revolución 241, Tacubaya, Miguel Hidalgo, 11870 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico.
Ratings: 4.2

Tres Galeones

Tres Galeone’s place serves the best fish tacos in the whole of Mexico City. Fish tacos have recently risen in popularity, and this small, decorated retro lunch spot is the best place to have them.

Address: Jalapa 117, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico.
Ratings: 4.4

Taqueria El Trix

It’s another authentic taco point. This place serves the most delicious pork tacos, topped with black beans and pickled onions.

Address: Av. Emilio Castelar 212, Polanco, Polanco III Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11550 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Ratings: 4.3


It has a world rank for being one of the top kitchens selling the best tacos in Mexico City. Pujol has a twelve-course menu with a parade of flavor-changing tacos. The most loved item of this place is the lamb tacos.

Address: Tennyson 133, Polanco, Polanco IV Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11570 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Ratings: 4.5

Tacos de Memo

It’s one of the famous local tacos spit which offers few yet delicious selections of tacos. Some of its best items include glistening chicharron, etc.

Address: 270 S 38th St, Philadelphia, PA 19104, United States
Ratings: 4.7

El Vilsito

El Vilsito is a nighttime taqueria. It sells the best al pastor tacos of all time. They serve their best al pastor tacos with chunks of roasted pineapple on corn tortillas.

Address: Petén 248 y, Av. Universidad, Narvarte Poniente, 03020 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Ratings: 4.4

Tacos de Canasta de La Abuela

It’s a local taco place that serves the simplest and most precisely prepared authentic taco dishes. The signature dish of this place is tacos de canasta.

Address: C. Río Lerma 59, Col. Renacimiento, Cuauhtémoc, 06500 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
Ratings: 4.2

Por Siempre Vegana Taquería

This is a pure vegan taco stand with no seating. If you’re looking to taste some vegan tacos in Mexico, try this place. They make it with soy meat and cheese, which tastes as good as any authentic taco dish.

Address: Manzanillo s/n, Cuauhtémoc, Roma Nte., 06760 Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico.
Ratings: 4.7

12 Tasty Side Dishes With Tacos

The best tacos in Mexico City are served with easy and affordable side dishes. Here are a few selections of side dishes you can try on your visit to Mexico.

Street corn saladCorn pudding
Cilantro lime riceChips and salsa
Guacamole quinoa saladMexican coleslaw
Mexican sweet potatoesMexican black beans
Salsa verdePepper salad
Mango salsaCucumber Gazpacho

Mexican Tacos Cost

Tourists visiting Mexico are often fooled by the street stalls selling tacos when it comes to prices. The best tacos in Mexico City are quite cheap. The tacos sold in Mexico have fresher fillings than you’ll get anywhere else. The price of tacos is quite reasonable, you need to look for tacos that are, on average, eight to fifteen pesos each.

Top 5 Mexico’s Vegan Tacos Restaurants

If you’re a vegan visiting Mexico, you need to visit these vegan Mexican restaurants selling the best tacos in Mexico City. It tastes just as good as the authentic Mexican taco dishes.

  • Gatorta: The place is famous for serving large portions at a reasonable price.
  • Viko: It offers a wide variety of vegan tacos. This place is cheaper than any other vegan restaurant.
  • Gold Taco Roma: It’s a pure vegan taco place. All their taco items are fairly priced.
  • Vege taco: It’s another plant-based taco place to try delicious veg tacos.
  • Groovy’s Taqueria Vegan: It’s an all-vegan tacos restaurant in the middle of town.

The price of a single taco can help you tell the quality of the place. Eight to fifteen pesos for each taco should be the rate.

Eating Tacos Like a Local Guide

Before you have the best tacos in Mexico City, you may want to know how to hold a taco and eat it. You need to follow some simple steps to hold and eat Mexican tacos so that you don’t look like a gringo in a foreign land.

Here’s the proper way to eat tacos in Mexico.

  • Start with opening the tortilla and then fill it up with the meat and toppings.
  • No use of forks or spoons. Use your hands only.
  • Using your peace fingers and thumb, hold the taco at the center.
  • Start to bite it from the side, not from the top or middle.


1. Which city in Mexico has the best tacos?

One of the Mexican cities that sells the best tacos is Yucatan.

2. What is the most popular taco in Mexico?

Al Pastor Taco is the most popular Mexican taco.

3. What city is famous for tacos?

The city of Mexico is considered the taco capital of the world.

4. How much is a taco in CDMX?

An average of eight to fifteen pesos each is the best price for a taco.


Having tacos from the best tacos restaurant in Mexico is an important part of any trip to Mexico City and without it, your trip isn’t complete.

Mexico being the world’s taco capital sells the best tacos and every tourist visiting Mexico should try these taco dishes. Some of the best taco places in Mexico are Taqueria Orinoco, El Tizoncito, etc.



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